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Flavia Marcacci, Ph.D.
Research Ethics Committee

Flavia Marcacci is Full Professor of History of Scientific Thought at the Lateran University, Faculty of Philosophy. She has devoted her study to the History and Philosophy of Science since her Master’s Degree thesis in Philosophy and deepened her understanding with two Ph.D. theses: a first one in Philosophy, awarded by the Lateran University; and a second one in Science, awarded by the University of Urbino. She is a fan of “not-recorded-in-detail stories,” those that are apparently shallow but, instead, convey very important messages. From Thales of Miletus’ “falling-into-well” story to Giovanni Battista Riccioli who used to look at quasi-geocentric stars with his telescope, she has come to learn that nothing can be taken for granted and that one step further has to be taken if one really wants to try to understand something.

This is why philosophy is essential: It sees the most fascinating aspects of reality through science.