Catholic Tech


We are firm believers in the hands-on approach to the learning of science and engineering, as it fosters curiosity and deepens understanding.

By actively engaging students through problem-solving, research, and real-world engineering projects, we bridge the gap between theory and practical problem-solving, empowering students to become confident and competent practitioners.

All CatholicTech students will participate in hands-on problem solving, engineering projects, and research which will prepare them to take their next steps into industry, graduate school, or medical school.

Problem Solving

In lecture-based courses, students will meet in small groups at least twice each week with faculty members to solve engineering problems based on the material learned in class. These meetings present great opportunities to not only review content and ask questions, but also to show students the practical applications of the theories discussed in class.

Real-world Engineering Projects

In his or her senior year, each student will be required to complete a capstone project that applies the engineering skills learned. We have a number of partnerships with research labs at MIT, technology companies, and startups throughout the developing world which provide challenges for students to focus on.


Each student will complete a research seminar in which he will learn the foundations of academic research and complete a thesis project which will be advised by a member of our faculty. For students interested in pursuing graduate degrees, we are establishing partnerships with several R1 research universities who will receive our students for summer research assistantships.

Core Courses

All students at CatholicTech complete the science and engineering core, which provides the foundations that they need to become well-rounded engineers and scientists who excel in their chosen specializations.

2024 - 2025:

  • Calculus I-III
  • Physics I & II
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science