Catholic Tech
Fr. Paolo Benanti, T.O.R., S.T.D.
Research Ethics Committee

Fr. Benanti is a Franciscan of the Third Regular Order – T.O.R. – and deals with ethics, bioethics, and ethics of technologies. In particular, his studies focus on innovation management: the internet and the impact of the Digital Age, biotechnology for human improvement and biosecurity, neuroscience and neurotechnology.

As he himself writes, “I try to focus on the ethical and anthropological significance of technology for Homo sapiens: we are a species that for 70,000 years has inhabited the world by transforming it. The human condition is a techno-human condition.”

At the Pontifical Gregorian University he obtained his license in 2008 and his doctorate in moral theology in 2012. His doctoral dissertation, entitled “The Cyborg. Body and corporeality in the posthuman era” won the Belarmino – Vedovato Award. Since 2008 he has been a lecturer at the Pontifical Gregorian University, the Theological Institute of Assisi and the Pontifical Leonian College in Anagni. In addition to institutional courses in sexual morality and bioethics, he deals with neuroethics, technology ethics, artificial intelligence, and posthumanism. He was part of the Artificial Intelligence Task Force to assist the Agency for Digital Italy. He is a corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life with a particular mandate for the world of artificial intelligence. At the end of 2018 he was selected by the Ministry of Economic Development as a member of the group of thirty experts who at the national level are tasked with developing the national strategy on artificial intelligence and the national strategy on technologies based on shared registers and blockchain.