Catholic Tech

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Process

Catholic Institute of Technology is committed to making it possible for all qualified applicants to receive a rigorous and authentically Catholic education in STEM.

CatholicTech will utilize merit-based and need-based scholarships in building and determining a scholarship package. Each student will automatically be considered for merit-based aid by completing the application for admission. The rigor of the student’s education and the competitiveness of the application will determine the amount of aid each student receives.

The scholarship committee will award quarter, half, and up to full tuition merit scholarships for top applicants.

We are committed to establishing a partnership with each applicant and family to make attending CatholicTech a reality. For need-based financial aid information, contact to inquire about the process following acceptance to the institution.

Student Loans

CatholicTech does not currently use the FAFSA in the financial aid process, nor are our students qualified to receive federal student loans.

If a student needs more financial assistance to afford the cost of private education, Catholic Institute of Technology recommends the use of alternative or private student loans. These private educational loans can be made in the student’s name but typically require a co-signer.

Please reach out to for more guidance in this area.