Catholic Tech

Why CatholicTech?

Newman Standards and Guide

CatholicTech proudly follows the standards outlined by the Newman Guide to achieve Gold Standard in all of our University operations.

  • GOLD: Catholic Trustees

    100% of trustees are Catholic.
  • GOLD: Profession of Faith

    All Catholic faculty and president make the Profession of Faith at least once upon hiring, and all theology faculty have the mandatum.
  • GOLD: Theology and Philosophy

    At least 24 credits of study in Catholic theology and philosophy required for all undergraduates.
  • GOLD: Honors and Speakers

    Has policy prohibiting honors and speaking invitations to those who publicly oppose Catholic moral teaching and ensures that speakers do not call into question Catholic moral teaching.
  • GOLD: Spiritual Life

    Mass is offered every day on campus and there are scheduled opportunities at least three times/week for Confession & Adoration.
  • GOLD: Student Residences

    Student residences are single sex, and there is never opposite sex visitation in student residences.
  • GOLD: Catholic Faculty

    100% of faculty is Catholic.
  • GOLD: Catholic Students

    At least 95% of students are Catholic.