Catholic Tech


Course Topics

  1. Review of Basic Concepts
    • Newton's laws of motion
    • Kinematics: position, velocity, and acceleration
    • Work and energy
    • Momentum and impulse
  2. Kinematics of Particles
    • Rectilinear and curvilinear motion
    • Relative motion analysis
    • Projectile motion
    • Circular motion
  3. Kinetics of Particles
    • Newton's second law in Cartesian and polar coordinates
    • Linear momentum and its conservation
    • Work and energy principles
    • Impulse and momentum
    • Impact and collision
  4. Kinematics and Kinetics of Rigid Bodies
    • Plane motion
    • Angular velocity and acceleration
    • Moment of inertia
    • Equations of motion for rigid bodies
    • Work and energy methods for rigid bodies
  5. Vibrations
    • Free and forced vibrations
    • Single-degree-of-freedom systems
    • Damping and resonance
    • Vibration isolation
  6. Gyroscopic Motion
    • Gyroscopic forces and torques
    • Precession and nutation
    • Stability and control of spinning bodies
  7. Analytical Dynamics
    • Lagrange's equations
    • Hamilton's principle
    • Conservation laws and constraints


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.