Catholic Tech

Latin III

Course Topics

  1. Unit 1: Review and Consolidation of Grammar
    • Review of Latin verb conjugations, noun declensions, and basic sentence structure.
    • Practice exercises and drills to reinforce grammar concepts.
    • Translation exercises focusing on previously learned grammar topics.
  2. Unit 2: Intermediate Grammar and Syntax
    • Study of more complex verb forms (e.g., participles, gerunds, supines).
    • Introduction to advanced sentence structure, including subordinate clauses and indirect speech.
    • Translation exercises with a focus on applying new grammar concepts.
  3. Unit 3: Vocabulary Expansion
    • Building vocabulary through targeted word lists and reading passages.
    • Contextual analysis of vocabulary in Latin texts.
    • Vocabulary quizzes and exercises to reinforce learning.
  4. Unit 4: Reading and Translating Latin Prose
    • Analysis and translation of selected Latin prose passages.
    • Practice in identifying and understanding literary devices and rhetorical techniques.
    • Discussion and interpretation of the historical and cultural context of the texts.
  5. Unit 5: Reading and Translating Latin Poetry
    • Introduction to Latin poetry, focusing on meter and poetic devices.
    • Analysis and translation of selected Latin poetic passages.
    • Exploration of themes and symbolism in classical Latin poetry.
  6. Unit 6: Roman Culture and Literature
    • Study of significant Roman authors and their contributions to literature.
    • Reading and discussion of excerpts from influential Latin works.
    • Examination of social, political, and cultural aspects of Roman society.


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.