Catholic Tech

Introduction to Mechanical Design

Course Topics

  1. Unit 1: Introduction to Mechanical Design
    • Overview of mechanical design principles and practices
    • Introduction to design thinking and the design process
  2. Unit 2: Materials Selection for Design
    • Properties of materials and their relevance to design
    • Selection criteria and methodologies for choosing materials
  3. Unit 3: Engineering Drawings and Documentation
    • Introduction to engineering drawings and standards
    • Creating technical drawings using CAD software
  4. Unit 4: Design Analysis Techniques
    • Introduction to stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA)
    • Structural integrity and safety considerations in design
  5. Unit 5: Mechanical Systems and Mechanisms
    • Understanding mechanical systems and their components
    • Designing mechanisms for specific applications
  6. Unit 6: Introduction to Prototyping
    • Overview of prototyping methods and techniques
    • Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing
  7. Unit 7: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
    • Principles and strategies for designing products for efficient manufacturing and assembly
    • Design optimization for cost and manufacturability
  8. Unit 8: Design Optimization
    • Introduction to design optimization techniques and algorithms
    • Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) approaches
  9. Unit 9: Design for Sustainability
    • Concepts and principles of sustainable design
    • Environmental impact assessment and life cycle analysis
  10. Unit 10: Failure Analysis and Prevention
    • Understanding failure modes and failure analysis techniques
    • Designing for reliability and robustness
  11. Unit 11: Design Case Studies
    • Analyzing and discussing real-world design examples
    • Case studies in different engineering disciplines
  12. Unit 12: Design Challenges and Project Work
    • Hands-on design challenges to apply learned concepts
    • Group projects to design and prototype a mechanical system
  13. Unit 13: Project Presentations and Critiques
    • Presentation and evaluation of group projects
    • Peer feedback and design critique sessions
  14. Unit 14: Design Ethics and Professionalism
    • Ethical considerations in mechanical design
    • Professional responsibilities and standards in engineering practice
  15. Week 15: Course Review and Final Examination
    • Review of key concepts and topics covered throughout the course
    • Final examination to assess understanding and knowledge retention


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.