Catholic Tech

Instrumentation Lab

Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Instrumentation
    • Overview of measurement systems and instrumentation
    • Types of sensors and transducers
    • Signal conditioning and amplification
    • Introduction to data acquisition systems
  2. Basic Electronic Circuits
    • Circuit analysis and design principles
    • Passive and active components
    • Operational amplifiers
    • Filters and frequency response
  3. Sensors and Transducers
    • Principles of sensor operation
    • Types of sensors: temperature, pressure, strain, etc.
    • Sensor characteristics and specifications
    • Calibration techniques
  4. Signal Conditioning
    • Amplification and attenuation
    • Filtering and noise reduction
    • Analog-to-digital conversion
    • Multiplexing and signal switching
  5. Data Acquisition Systems
    • Analog and digital data acquisition
    • Sampling and quantization
    • Timing and triggering
    • Data storage and retrieval
  6. Control Systems
    • Introduction to feedback control
    • PID control
    • System response and stability
    • Implementation of control algorithms
  7. Laboratory Experiments
    • Students will work on a series of laboratory experiments covering the topics mentioned above. The experiments will involve designing, building, and testing various electronic circuits and systems. Students will also analyze and interpret experimental data, troubleshoot circuits, and present their results.


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.