Catholic Tech

Computer Systems Engineering

Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Computer Systems Engineering
    • Overview of computer systems and their components
    • Binary representation and number systems
  2. Digital Logic Design
    • Boolean algebra and logic gates
    • Combinational logic circuits
    • Sequential logic circuits
    • Design and analysis of logic circuits
  3. Computer Organization
    • Von Neumann architecture
    • Central processing unit (CPU) and memory hierarchy
    • Input/output (I/O) systems
    • Interrupts and exceptions
  4. Assembly Language Programming
    • Introduction to assembly language
    • Instruction set architecture (ISA)
    • Addressing modes and data representation
    • Assembly language programming techniques
  5. Computer Arithmetic
    • Fixed-point and floating-point representations
    • Arithmetic operations and algorithms
    • Error analysis and numerical stability
  6. Memory Systems
    • Cache organization and memory hierarchy
    • Virtual memory and address translation
    • Memory management techniques
  7. Input/Output Systems
    • I/O devices and interfaces
    • Device controllers and interrupts
    • I/O programming and data transfer techniques
  8. Performance Evaluation
    • Metrics for evaluating computer system performance
    • Performance analysis and benchmarking techniques
    • Introduction to pipelining and parallel processing


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.