Catholic Tech

Latin I

Course Topics

  1. Unit 1: Introduction to Latin (2 weeks)
    • Introduction to the Latin alphabet, pronunciation, and basic phonetics
    • Noun declensions: first, second, and third declensions
    • Basic sentence structure and word order
    • Vocabulary building exercises
  2. Unit 2: Verb Conjugations and Tenses (3 weeks)
    • Verb conjugations: first, second, third, and fourth conjugations
    • Present, imperfect, and future tenses
    • Introduction to participles and infinitives
    • Translation exercises focusing on verbs
  3. Unit 3: Noun-Adjective Agreement (2 weeks)
    • Adjectives: agreement with nouns in gender, number, and case
    • Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
    • Translation exercises focusing on noun-adjective agreement
  4. Unit 4: Pronouns and Prepositions (2 weeks)
    • Personal, reflexive, and demonstrative pronouns
    • Common prepositions and their usage
    • Translation exercises focusing on pronouns and prepositions
  5. Unit 5: Simple Sentences and Sentence Structure (3 weeks)
    • Introduction to conjunctions and subordinate clauses
    • The accusative and ablative cases
    • Translation exercises focusing on sentence construction
  6. Unit 6: Reading and Comprehension (4 weeks)
    • Selected readings from Latin authors (e.g., Julius Caesar, Cicero, or Ovid)
    • Comprehension exercises and discussion of literary and historical contexts


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.