Catholic Tech

Latin II

Course Topics

  1. Unit 1: Review and Consolidation
    • Review of fundamental Latin grammar concepts
    • Vocabulary expansion and reinforcement
    • Translation exercises and oral practice
  2. Unit 2: Verbs and Tenses
    • Present, imperfect, and future tenses
    • Regular and irregular verb conjugations
    • Participles and infinitives
    • Reading and comprehension exercises
  3. Unit 3: Nouns and Adjectives
    • Review of noun and adjective declensions
    • Demonstratives, possessives, and pronouns
    • Agreement rules
    • Translation and composition exercises
  4. Unit 4: Relative Clauses and Indirect Speech
    • Introduction to relative pronouns and clauses
    • Indirect statements and questions
    • Reading and translation practice
  5. Unit 5: Participles and Gerunds
    • Formation and use of participles
    • Gerunds and gerundives
    • Practice exercises and translation work
  6. Unit 6: Roman Culture and History
    • Selected readings from Roman authors (e.g., Ovid, Cicero, Virgil)
    • Discussion of cultural topics and historical events
    • Oral presentations on Roman culture


The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any modifications or updates will be communicated in advance.